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How to Register

  • Review class schedule to the left or call (410) 398 - 3022.
  • Obtain a physical from your physician to determine if gymnastics is a safe sport for your child.
  • Complete a registration form or enroll online.
  • Provide registration fee and class fee. 
  • Review the details listed below.

Annual Registration Fee 

On an annual basis, the registration fee is $30 per gymnast. 

Class Fee

Our classes fees are based on number of weeks per Session. The registration fee and class fee are due upon starting the class. The Session fee will be pro-rated for gymnasts enrolling after the first week of the Session.


North Shore Gymnastics offers a variety of payment options such as Mastercard, VISA, Check or Cash.  Please make checks payable to North Shore Gymnastics, LLC.  Please be certain to put gymnast’s name and class time on each check.  A service charge of $20 will be assessed for each returned check.  If you opted into a payment plan you must sign and Authorized Debit/Credit/ECH Form available at the front desk.

Late Payments

North Shore Gymnastics, Inc. requires payments to be made on time, as per the agreement. A $20 late fee will be charged for payments more than 10 days past due. 

Make-Up Policy

We currently offer 2 free Make-Up classes per session/per child.  In the event the Gym closes you will be notified and will be offered a Make-Up.

FREE Trial Class

North Shore Gymnastics, Inc. offers a free trial class to see if your child is as excited about gymnastics as we hope they will be. Once you register and fill a spot in a class, no refunds will be given. 

Discontinuing Classes

Discontinuing classes requires written notice 2 weeks prior to your last class. You are responsible for payment for the two weeks after notice is given. Any unused tuition will be reimbursed.

Class Cancellation

Classes with four or less children after the first week will be closed. You will be notified and asked to select another class time or your prorated payment will be refunded.

Physical examination is required

Your child is required to have had a physical exam within the past year.

Safety Rules

Our emphasis is always safety first, however gymnastics and cheerleading are potentially dangerous sports. Any activity involving motion, rotation, or height creates the possibility of serious injury. Because your child's safety is important to us, it is imperative that your child is on time for class. The first 15 minutes of class are warm-ups. If your child is 15 minutes late or more, they will not be allowed to participate in class that day. Absolutely no exceptions. It is the parent/guardians responsibility to pick up their child immediately after class. 

Release from Liability

Upon enrollment in class, the parent is required to sign a Release from Liability Statement. The participation in gymnastics and cheerleading is innately dangerous and there is a risk to serious injury. While North Shore Gymnastics, Inc. does carry a liability insurance policy, it is the parent/guardians' responsibility to carry adequate health insurance and pay any additional medical fees not covered under the North Shore Gymnastic, Inc. policy.

What to wear

  • No jewelry is to be worn during class. 
  • Long hair must be pulled back in a pony tail.
  • Girls must wear a leotard. They may wear tight fitting shorts.
  • Boys may wear tight fitting shirt and shorts.
  • No socks are permitted on the floor.